A couple of great ones from a late master

A couple of great ones from a late master:

Arthur Russel

(1) <"Maybe She">

(2a) <"This Time Dad You're Wrong">


(2b) <(#Here's a live version of "This Time Dad. . .")>:

(3) <"Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart"> (what a track :D) >

There's more where that came from. If you find time, give a spin to that album, "Love is overtaking me".

Appreciation to Seamus for first introducing me to these amazing recordings, from during Russel's earlier, "folk-rock" period, so different from the sounds of "world of echo", and, coincidentally, very accessible to me at that time.))

"I'm Bad" music video

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We are grateful to director/editor Seth Smith and producer/assistant director Nancy Smith, as well as all the cast and crew who collaborated to make this production, creating their own performance/aesthetic contributions, and adding them into the mix